The Musings Of An Opinionated Sod [Help Me Grow!]


s726110770_2024072_1843126 Photo Just For Jordan Cooper.

My name is Robert … I am short sighted, bald, have the dress sense of a 14 year old [from 1978] and like the sort of music your mother warned you about. 

I like to describe myself as a Positive Pessimist but if you were to ask other people, they’d say there’s a whole host of other names they’d rather use to define me.


I currently live in Shanghai though I originally come from Nottingham – famous for Robin Hood, Nottingham Forest Football Club and being the most violent city in Europe.

I appreciate these are not good reasons to read this site, but it’s not my fault I’m such a victim of life, ha!

Somehow in my career I have been able to work with some amazing people, agencies and clients – doing the odd bit of nice work for brands that include Virgin, Tango, Apple, Mini, SONY, Coca-Cola, Discovery Channel, VB, Supernoodle and IKEA – whilst also doing some mad stuff like designing Jumbo Jet interiors, developing non-lethal military hardware, creating a range of mopeds [built around a countries needs rather than a riders] and positioning uber-space Gods, NASA [“Earth’s Envoy”] to name but a few.

Oh, I’m also [till they come to their senses] the North/S.E. Asia regional head of planning for Wieden + Kennedy.

I know this all seems incredibly unfair, but maybe it’s karma’s way of making up for the fact I’ve had to live with an incredibly ugly face!  Hey, I’d still rather be pretty …

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